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Me, that is.

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic around here and blogging has really moved down the priority list. And when the day is at its end, and I have a bit of free time, my mind is in such a fog that writing anything clever is pretty much an impossiblity. It may be a combination of the winter blahs and the Christmastime rush, but personally I blame those blasted kids. Hey look! I managed to take a photo of them when they weren't moving (with my new camera, after Max broke my last one).

I've frequently contemplated closing down the site and giving up the blog. But I think that eventually I'll get out of this rut and will want to get back into it. So consider Autonomous Source to be in a holding pattern until that day.


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Hi Bruce,
Keep it up if you're at all interested. I've come to the point of not caring too much about the blog, but the blog is only one part of the website that I intend to maintain anyway; so I might as well keep the blog going. I sit down maybe once a week, or just when something pops into my head. It's really very low on my priority list, but it's still there as an occassional hobby/outlet.
Cheers and Merry Christmas,

Thanks for the note. I've seen so many blogs just fade out the way mine is going, I figure there must be a sort of 'blog life cycle'. Enthusiasm, confidence, dedication and competence turns to apathy, neglect and abandonment.

I think I have to find a way to look at blogging in a fresh way to recharge my batteries and avoid that fate happening to AS. We'll see what happens.

Merry Christmas to you to.

Don't give it up...I look forward to some new breaths of life into the site. If nothing, cute pictures of the twin terrors appease me in the short term...

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