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Harper might as well give up

Brilliant political strategist Kim Campbell has turned her razor-sharp mind to the task of predicting who will win the upcoming election. She has determined that the Conservatives can't do it because -- and here's the kind of insight we don't often see in Canada -- they're scary.

One day she might use her flawless political instincts to run for office. She'd be unstoppable, I think.

(via Nealenews)


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Reading "The Secret Mulroney Tapes" gave me great insight on the likes of Joe Clark and Kim Campbell. Mulroney's take on these two has stood the test of time. Joe and Kim's recent pronouncements on the state of the party are proof of two things...

1) Brian was right.
B) Everytime you think those two have said the stupidest damn thing possible, they just keep on talking.

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