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Income trusts kerfuffle heats up again

When it was announced that the RCMP was 'starting an investigation' over the allegations of insider trading in the income trust fiasco, I was concerned that the Liberals had successfully swept the issue under the rug. From then on, they had a pat answer to tell reporters who might have raised the issue. "We cannot comment on an ongoing investigation. Next question?"

But luckily some reporters have decided to help out the RCMP and do some investigating of their own:

In the hours before the official announcement, there was heavier-than-usual trading in income trusts and dividend-paying stocks. That has fuelled speculation that some investors profited from an early warning.

"The day they made the announcement they phoned us and said something is going to be said," Gleberzon, told CTV News Wednesday night.

Gleberzon said the call came from a senior policy advisor in the finance minister's office, someone his group had been dealing with all along.

However, on Thursday morning, Gleberzon and CARP issued a news release denying any advance knowledge of Goodale's announcement.

"At no time was CARP given an indication by the Minister's office of when the announcement would be made or what it would say," the release said.

CTV's Kathy Tomlinson talked to Gleberzon after the release was issued. He confirmed what he had said in the previous interview, but now maintained he had misspoken.

At first, Gleberzon said no one from the finance minister's office had contacted him about the interview.

When told that the finance ministry's communications director, John Embury, had already admitted to calling Gleberzon Wednesday night, he explained:

"I did speak to him . I shouldn't have said that I didn't, but I did," Gleberzon told Tomlinson.

"They phoned me and they asked -- they found out about the interview. He asked me what was going on, I told him, but it's when we were talking about the timing issue that I realized how important it was."

Gleberzon said Embury told him: "We don't want to coach you, we don't want to tell you what to say, we just want to know what to prepare for."

Embury was aware of the story earlier in the day, and sent an email to CTV Wednesday night, before the newscast aired, saying of Gleberzon: "He denies saying what he is supposed to have said to your reporter."

In a phone call later, Embury told CTV's Robert Fife that Gleberzon was old and confused.

The Liberals and their allies are attempting to shut down and erase this behind-the-scenes look at how they work. Yesterday I heard a CBC Radio news report quoting 'market experts' as saying the pre-announcement flurry of activity was 'normal speculation', and today nothing can be found on their or the Globe's website. It's big news I would think, but hey, what do I know? But maybe the cat's out of the bag, and we'll start to hear more about what these guys have been up to. I can hope.


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