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Paul Martin is a major contributor to global warming

He's so full of hot air:

If there is a single reason why the fortnight has passed with so little solid result, it is because of the obsession among Kyoto signatories with trying to forge another global pact ó and with berating those who wonít join.

They might do better to work out what to do about Kyoto itself, given how many countries are way off course. Spainís emissions in 2003 were up by nearly 42 per cent on 1990 levels; Portugalís by 37 per cent; and Greeceís and Irelandís by 26 per cent.

Canada, whose Prime Minister, Paul Martin, made a rare attack on the US for failing to share "the global conscience", has increased its emissions by more than 24 per cent in that period. Emissions in the US were up by only 13 per cent in that time.


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