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My two cents on the new cabinet

I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the David Emerson defection. It would be nice if the new government could have begun without this kind of backroom bargaining going on. But the extra Conservative MP does allow them to form a majority when coupled with the NDP, so it vastly increases the likelyhood of passing legislation. Now Harper just has to convince one party to vote with them on any issue, and they'll be able to pass it. A fair trade, I guess.

I'm a little more rattled with how Harper handed Public Works to Michael Fortier, who doesn't even have a seat. Public Works has long been a cesspool of sleaze, and handing the keys to the whole operation over to a businessman -- a Montreal businessman, no less -- who came in through the backdoor is a little unseemly. Will he be able to answer questions in Question Period from his new seat in the Senate? (And isn't it amazing that the Wire Brush left a Senate seat vacant? I guess that was the one he was saving for Buzz...)

I'm glad the cabinet size was reduced. The more people you have with time and power, the more money that gets thrown at kooky vanity projects. But because of the smaller size, there's some people that would have made good cabinet ministers but didn't get the chance -- people like Diane Ablonczy and Steven Fletcher. Which of course makes Emerson and Fortier's arrival stink just a little more.

But after all, the purpose of cabinet is to implement policy. That's how Harper's choices should be judged. I have a suspicion that politics played a greater role than competence in how this cabinet was chosen, but for now I'll give Harper the benefit of the doubt. Now let's see what they can do.


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