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Oh, poor baby!

David Emerson is whining:

Emerson said his children -- a son, 14, and daughter, 12 -- were bearing the brunt of attacks over his defection to the Conservative Party this week.

"My kids are being treated with hostility in school because of what's being said. My kids are crying because of what's being said at school," Emerson told The Province from Ottawa.

Hey David, did you ever think that the hostility is because of what you did, rather than what's being said? And somehow I think publicly declaring that your 14-year-old son was 'crying' over this isn't going to help his popularity in school. If you were really so concerned with their feelings, you wouldn't be embarrassing them to use as a cheap political prop.

Emerson's problems don't end with his children's tears. The donors to his (Liberal) campaign want their money back:

His outburst came after the riding association that helped elect Emerson in Vancouver-Kingsway last month told him it wants him to repay $96,755.

"This amount came from donations to the Liberal Party and were intended to elect a Liberal," Ivan Curman, president of the riding association, said in a letter to Emerson.

"You would not have received those funds from the Liberal riding association if you ran as a Conservative," said Curman.

Curman said about 300 volunteers rallied to work on the Emerson campaign, giving up time with family, friends and their businesses.

"They believed in the ideals of the Liberal Party and wanted you to represent Vancouver-Kingsway as our Liberal MP," Curman wrote. "Your actions have made their gifts of time meaningless."

Having worked on a few campaigns, I have to sympathize with these people. They have a genuine feeling of betrayal, and they have the right to shame the man that betrayed them -- and maybe even get their money back. Emerson's response of self-righteous indignation to this indicates to me his deficiencies in character. Harper picked a real winner in this guy.

(via Nealenews)

UPDATE: Colby Cosh is also not impressed with Emerson:

In an earlier age it would have gone without saying that the best way to protect the reputation of one's family is to not do disgraceful things. All children are hostages to their parents' public conduct: if you get caught sexually molesting St. Bernards, it's sort of inevitable that they're going to call your kids "Beethoven" in the schoolyard and make little barrels of brandy out of construction paper. But the new Saddamist doctrine, espoused here by Emerson, is that one's own offspring make terribly convenient human shields. Lay off the criticism or the shorties get it!


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His point is a valid one. Comments may certainly be directed at him, but why abuse his kids. They aren't responsible for his decisions.

Gotta agree with Bruce on the kids on this one. Even if they're being beaten blue at school, leave them the hell out of it. Really really lame to bring that up.

I think it goes without saying that kids are off-limits as the target of political retribution. But all this is is probably some taunting from other kids, nothing out of the ordinary. The fact is, there's a cost in crossing the floor and Emerson has to pay it. He pissed off a hell of a lot of people. Hiding behind his kids and saying, "Think of (my) children!" is pretty loathsome.

I'm in agreement with Bruce. We don't want the children of politicians to be targeted for their parents chosen dogma. However, the media is not the place for Emerson to bring up bullying of his children. That's for the schoolboard to deal with should Emerson formally complain to them, rather than drag everyone into the muck...

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