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Stuff & Things XXI

  • Cats in Sinks in the site to go to if you want to see high-quality pictures of cats in sinks.
  • Mark Bourrie has rolled over for Warren Kinsella. While it's probably the smart thing to do, I'm a little disappointed. I'm also pretty disgusted with Kinsella. What a thug he is.
  • Amazing aerial pictures from Mexico city. The thumbnails don't really capture how amazing they are -- run the slideshow. (via Samizdata)
  • The Enron Trialwatch blog is doing an excellent job covering the trial of Ken Lay's misdeeds. Lay's defence will be fun to watch -- he's not denying knowledge of was happening as the company collapsed, but claiming that his actions were perfectly legal. And maybe it'll work! Legal or not, they certainly were immoral. He sold $70 million of his own stock to Enron (!!) just before it declared bankruptcy and was flailing about with cash flow problems. Sort of like handing a drowning man an anchor.
  • Kitten War is a site where the cutest kitten wins. Make sure you vote for my cat Squeak if you see him (as a kitten).
  • Kate at SDA has a timely post about Nazi influence on scattered German communities before WWII.
  • World of Warcraft has borrowed the Google Map API to create a zoomable map of their virtual world. If you look closely here, you can see Boney Bruce endlessly slaying zombies and ghouls in the Eastern Plaguelands.
  • There's lots more cat pictures at Cute Overload.


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