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This round of links is on me!

January was a bit of a test for me as to whether I could keep this blog running. The demands of my children, coupled with my chronic apathy were making me wonder if it was worth the effort it took to keep scrubbing the spam off and occasionally adding some new content. Results? I did pretty well, getting a couple of links to Nealenews and managing to write almost once a day. Good for me! Yay! So I guess I'll keep this thing going for another few months at least. That'll be about when my next crisis of self-doubt will hit.

But that leaves me no excuse for not updating my links. Some blogs have gone to that great 404 in the sky, some have been reborn, while other new (or new to me, at least) pages need a link. Time to hit the blogosphere refresh button. Here are the new additions: Peaktalk, John the Mad, Joel Fleming, Hacks and Wonks, Dodgeblogium, Frost Hits the Rhubarb, Tart Cider, Dose Magazine, Conservative Life, Quotulatiousness, A North American Patriot, Musing, ThoughtsOnline, Ranting and Roaring, Grandinite, Agam's Gecko, Girl on the Right, King's Perspective, Conservative Hipster, Accordian Guy and Just Between Us Girls.

I'm expecting hours of enlightening enlightenment from each of these blogs, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed. And reciprocal links? They're always appreciated. As a stubbornly unaffiliated blogger, my status in the TTLB Ecosystem has taken a tumble in the last year. One day I hope to evolve my way back to Adorable Rodent, but for now it's just a distant dream...


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Happy to oblige with a reciprocal link on my site. I well know the difficulty of trying to blog on a regular basis and still fulfill all family and work obligations. Kids demanding? Who knew .....

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