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Way cool pic

"Stars over Berlin and Tokyo will soon replace these factory lights reflected in the noses of planes at Douglas Aircraft's Long Beach, Calif., plant. Women workers groom lines of transparent noses for deadly A-20 attack bombers." Alfred Palmer, October 1942.

From the US National Archives.


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Another way cool pic, linked at my name.

My advice to people making crop circles: they seem more realistic when you can't see the dozen paths people used to walk to them.

Those aren't from the people making it, they're from the people investigating it. Sheesh! Would it hurt to have a little faith?

I thought of that, but thought, no. It's from the shmoes schlepping the equipment in to make the circles. My guess would be amateur satellite trackers who figured when the pics would be taken and built their circles accordingly. Watch for corporate branded crop circles in 3..2...1...

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