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Shrug this off...

For the most part, the leaders of the world have shrugged off the thought of Iran getting the bomb. Sure, there's been talk of 'sanctions', and many of those leaders have expressed 'concern' -- or even 'grave concern' -- but nothing has or will be done. And for all the talk of the US planning an attack, given the current international diplomatic mood there's little chance that will happen unless Iran strikes first.

Perhaps you've been shrugging as well? I know I have; I have my own little problems to worry about. But it's a lot harder to shrug after reading this piece by Matthias Kuntzel on Iran's terrifying martyrdom cult and it's relationship with Iran's new megalomaniac leader. Who knows what will happen if he gets his hands on the means to kill millions.

If that isn't enough to give you nightmares, Mark Steyn also has a good analysis of recent Iranian history and what conclusions can be drawn from it. We are definitely living in interesting times.


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