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Too much Manischewitz

Max and Talia sat through their first seder on Wednesday, and they were pretty good. It might have been easier if we used the abridged Haggadah, but we made it. But after dinner they went wild. I must remember to limit their wine intake next year.


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Bruce man, send an email.
Doing a cool moon simulation, hanging.
Interesting to read about your life.


On an unrelated note, my car got broken into this week.

I lost my deck and all my cd's ('bout 650+ bucks worth) INCLUDING some of those cd's you sent me a while back, like the ones I listen to alot (Orbital, White Zombie, and Massive attack specifically.) Dont suppose you could like, reburn those and send em to mom eh?

They are such good cd's and now after that meaty 200 deductable im in limbo for cash at the moment.
If its more then a couple bucks to send that then dont worry about it ill find them through a buddy or something.

Freakin peg city. Arg.

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