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What's happening

I'm slumped on the couch while the kids rot their brains watching TV downstairs. I'm looking at the dining room table at the debris left over from fifteen minutes of Play-doh playtime. I'll get around to cleaning it up in a little while. I'm listening to New Gold Dream by Simple Minds on the stereo. It was put in the disc changer at a time when I had to pick more family friendly music, and has hidden away there until now. I could now play music that everyone else finds annoying like the Orb or the Bomboras, but I'm to lazy to get up and change it. Besides, Max 'cleaned up' earlier and stacked a colossal pile of toys in front of my CD drawers. It would take a major archeological dig to find something else to listen to.

The kids are watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mama would disapprove, but she's not here. They turned on the TV and there it was, and they made it clear that they would be very, very upset if I tried to foist Blue's Clues on them. Very, very upset is not something I want to deal with right now, so the turtles it is. I'm surprised that they like it though. It's done in the 'American anime' style and features many nasty monsters plotting devious things. Only a few months ago, Max was terrified by the dopey dragon on an episode of Dora we had, and would run upstairs when it appeared. But he says he's a big kid now, and I guess he is. I wish he would eat his meals without my having to spoon so much of them in myself.

Max's new big kid status arrived with him exhibiting the primal male trait -- a passion for violence. He announced to me yesterday that he is a 'monster killer' and that he had to kill the 'stripey monster'. Further questioning revealed that the stripey monster lived 'far, far away' and was black with big teeth. I asked how he was going to kill it and he replied, "I kill it with the vacoom keener. Suck it up: sssslrlruuuup!" I saw a flaw in his plan and mentioned that the cord to the vacuum wouldn't reach far, far away, and he spent a moment looking pensive.

"I'll use my hands. Punch it. Boom!"

Talia interrupted, "Punching isn't nice!" She didn't learn this from me; it must be the organic daycare's influence.

Max would have none of this wimpiness. "But it's a monster!!" he said with exasperation. I wished him good hunting.

Of course, Talia is the one who is really violent. Max may have a aggressive fantasy life, but Talia lives it. She pushes, scratches, bites, pokes, yells, and even punches. The target of her fury? Max, who doesn't take it very well, and immediately runs to the authority figure every time it occurs. Which to me seems to be about every five minutes. *Whew*

I've decided to try to get out of this nut house and am now engaged in a job hunt. It's not going too well yet, but something's bound to come along. I'm open to anything, just so long as it's less stressful that what I'm doing now. Like an air traffic controller or hostage negotiator. We've got spots reserved for them in a local Montessori school for the fall, and if I get something before that we'll find a non-subsidized daycare to take them until then.

In other news, we've bought a new car. Mama's red '94 Civic hatchback bought the dust recently, and we forced into the showrooms to find a replacement. Our choice? A '06 Civic sedan. What can we say? We're Honda people. We looked at Toyota, and found the Corolla too boring and the Matrix too expensive. We liked the Mazda 3 hatchback, but it was a little too pricey and had poor gas milage. As well, the Civic had far and away the best safety features. I'm not as interested in them, but as an emergency room doctor, my wife places a high value on them. We pick up the new car Monday.

Okay. I've updated the blog. Now I better get that Play-doh cleaned up and make lunch...


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You shouldn't punch so many holes in Max's monster-snuffing plans, the world could do with a lot less monsters.

Ninja turtles rule man, I should give them my old tapes of the REAL freakin turtles, y'know, the late 80's early 90's turtles. And if they like anime, I have a copy of ninja scroll here.... haha.... yeah... Not quite ready for that I dont think, probably a little EXTREMELY bloody and lets not forget the gratuitous sex.

Max arrived at our place and immediately went forth to seek his tool of choice to battle monsters in appartments around the world. The swifter.

Unfortunately he slew no monsters. However, many a dust bunny did he quash. Lead on noble knight of housekeeping.

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