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Stuff & Things XXII

  • Apologies for not completing my last Day in the Life. It's still in the pipeline, but has been delayed due to the intense craziness that has buffeted this household in the past week or two. You have no idea.
  • Max has been growing into a bit of a TV-obsessed lunatic over the past months and I've been letting him. But it has to stop, so I've cut him (and her) off cold turkey for a while. This is almost as much of a punishment for me as it is for them, as I don't get a break from them. The whining for TV has at last died down now, but they have found new ways to drive me crazy. Right now Max is running around the house using the BBQ tongs to grab things. Books off the shelves, toys, pillows, the cats' tails. Talia has just discovered how to walk on her heels and needs me to continue to express amazement. (Lookit Papa! Lookit!) She thinks I should enter her in a talent show just like they had on Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Looks like that housing bubble has finally popped. I've been reading The Housing Bubble Blog for the past couple of weeks and it's been running all kinds of news about the complete turnaround in housing prices all across the States. I'm sure it's happening here too; my neighborhood looks like there's an election going on between the Century 21 and ReMax parties.
  • Hey! Gold is around $US700 now. I seem to recall advising my readers to buy a little more that a year ago. Just sayin'.
  • Okay, I intended this to be a bit longer, but I have no more time for chit-chat. There's a couple of things that require my immediate attention...


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Yup, gold's finally back where it was in 1980...when the DOW JONES still hadn't broken the 1,000 mark. :D

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