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Al Gore: the false messiah

I'm briefly coming out of hibernation to note a strong rebuttal to Al Gore's apocalyptic propaganda movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Today's Financial Post has a piece by Tom Harris that cuts through Gore's one-sided perspective and backs it up with quotes from climate experts. But it appears facts will always lose a battle with ominous music, flashy visuals, and a persuasive voice.

Peter Foster has an accompanying piece that looks at the impact this movie is having and the abandonment of reason Gore's followers have taken:

Mr. Gore claims that climate change is, above all, a moral problem, but any search for scientific truth that starts with a moral conviction is severely hampered, if not fatally flawed.

Part of Mr. Gore's rhetoric is to compare his own moral crusade with others, such as the fight against fascism, or the struggles to end slavery or give women the vote. He regards himself as the environment's Ghandi, Mandela or Martin Luther King. In fact, beneath its glib exterior, Mr. Gore's message contains a great threat to personal freedom and prosperity.

In many ways Mr. Gore's crusade is reminiscent of that launched by Marx and Engels in the middle of the 19th century. As they trekked the grim streets of the cotton towns and pored through statistics in the British Museum, they were looking for proof of what they already knew: that capitalism was an evil system based on exploitation and impoverishment, and that the solution was revolution and collectivization. They died before their revolutions came to pass. Students of history can see the results.

Al Gore's crusade is basically against the same enemy. Like Marx, he is driven by a messianic self-image. Like Marx, he is potentially a dangerous man, particularly if he should run again in 2008. Meanwhile, perhaps the most frightening reaction to his film is that it has drawn little but praise.

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