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As you may have noticed (if anyone is still checking in), the blog has been pretty quiet lately. It's not because I have nothing to say, but because I have little time in which to say it. There's been plenty of work around here, the kids are extremely demanding, and I'm spending my time on some other priorities. As well, there are some other things going on in the family that I don't feel like getting into right now.

I am not going to shut down however, as I've enjoyed the work I've done on the blog when the juices were flowing and would like to get into that groove again. Hopefully in a month or so I'll relaunch the site, refreshed and energized.

For now, comments and trackbacks will be shut off to stem the incredible flow of spam onto my old posts.

I'll leave with a photo of the kids as they work to prevent me from building their ultra-cool play structure. See you soon.


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