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Vignette III

So I was in the kitchen doing nothing productive when Max came inside, calling, "Papa! Papa!" He was very excited about something, and grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. Mama was working in the garden, so I wondered why he needed me, but I decided to just go along for now. He's become much more talkative in the past two months, but when he's excited it's hard to understand him sometimes. He was talking a mile a minute and I caught this snippet, "...and I was looking around, but I didn't see Ta-ya! So I went, 'Hmmm, I wonder where Talia went!' But I didn't see her so..."

I was being pulled down the road. The houses here are not closely spaced so we had gone a fair way (for a toddler) when Max pointed to a neighbor who was outside and proudly announced that he had lent his shovel to him. Max's snow shovel is one of his prized possessions, and there it was lying in my neighbor's driveway. I indicated I would pick it up on the way back.

Eventually, we came to another neighbor's house even further up the road. This must be where we were going. He charged up to the front door, walked in and sat on the floor. Then he looked up at me and said, "Ta-ya's gone upstairs with Bianca. I hass to take oss my shoes to go in. Could you untie my laces?"


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