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That's what George Jonas tried to do to the news that eight Canadians, including young children, were killed by Israeli bombs the other day. It's not easy to do, probably impossible. Jonas took a pasting in the letters page of today's National Post for trying.

But I've got the Israeli flag up on the sidebar of this blog, indicating I support what Israel is doing. I can't take that support back because something went wrong. And I don't want to -- I want them to continue and be successful in their attacks. So here's my justification:

At the end of the Lebanese civil war, all factions were supposed to disarm, and all of them did -- except Hizbullah. No one in Lebanon wanted to reignite the civil war, so no one pushed very hard for them to abide by the terms of peace. The international community also looked the other way. Hizbullah was laying low, and they only know how to react to crisises.

Hizbullah used this freedom to rearm, recruit and raise money. They turned southern Lebanon into their own kingdom. They used their intimidation of the Lebanese government and their alliances with the worst of the Mid-East's regimes to build an impressive terrorist infrastructure. The rockets they had been accumulating (and occasionally using) before Israel's strikes are useless as military weapons and can only be used to kill civilians. The threat hanging over Israel could not ignored much longer.

Hizbullah, like all terrorist organizations, use civilians for cover. They depend on the decency of their enemies to prevent retaliation. Their weapon stockpiles and their command centers are all mixed in with civilian buildings. It's inevitable that in fighting such an enemy there are going to be civilian casualties. But if blame has to be assigned to these deaths, assign it to those that use the innocent as a shield to attack from.


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