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Let's give Neo-Imperialism a chance!

It's not too often that you read a really new idea; something big that opens many new avenues of thought. But No Pasaran has posted an essay by a former US State Department officer has enough food for thought to keep you going for a week. Here's a sample:

The United States has a terrible case of the Post-Imperial Blues.

The only cure is an intellectual realization that not all places are fit for present self-government as based on the ample empirical evidence from decolonization and subsequent UN and NATO protectorates in the Balkans. Knee-jerk anti-imperialism must be jettisoned in addition to the corresponding obsession with the nation-state as the only just and most effective form of international political organization.

It seems like a shocking proposition at first, but he fills in the details quite effectively. Read the whole thing.


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