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Spider blogging II

Last year I shared with the world a photo of a huge spider I found inside a log. Due to the tremendous response to that photo (2 comments! Wow!), I have decided to show the world the latest giant arachnid hiding out in my yard. She's at least as big as the one from last year, but she's a lot friskier.

Her name is Laverne and she lives in a hollow of a tree next to Max and Talia's play structure. The kids are both fascinated with spiders and have absolutely no fear of them. If you can look closely at her, you can see an egg sac underneath. That's right, Laverne is going to be a mommy!

I'll try to keep the blogosphere up to date.


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I think you have a patriotic duty to your fellow homo sapiens to kill the eight-legged freak before it breeds.

I can't imagine doing it. The sound of it popping open -- yecch. and besides, how could I kill my daughter's friend? I quote her when she first saw it: "Awww, he's so cute!"

How can we be sure about the size? Can you stick your finger next to it to give it some perspective?

I wouldn't be squeamish about putting a hairy monster like that on ice -- but the reluctance to explain it to one's offspring, who does not share one's distaste -- that I understand completely.

But if you wake up one day living your own Aliens sequel -- wrapped in a silky coccoon as the lunch entree for a hundred spider offspring -- don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh and ditto to Andrew's suggestion... we need some other object for determining proportionate size. Finger, head, dinner plate -- whatever seems best.

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