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Stuff & Things XXIII

  • Remember Kart Vader? He's the guy that takes his racing kart out on the streets of Quebec City in the middle of the night. I recently came across this cool video of him challenging authority.
  • Kart Vader is only the latest in the history of outlaw video racers. The first might have been the unknown Ferrari driver in Rendez-Vous, which takes place in Paris in the 70s. Make sure you watch it in full screen with the sound turned up.
  • Speaking of challenging authority, Lisa at the London Fog has released an update on her quest to avoid census enumeration. Of course, this is the same Lisa that begged Darcey and I not to walk on a Toronto street with a beer bottle in our hand. Her battle against the man has its limits, I guess. [insert smiley here]
  • Okay, another video. Should breakdancing be in the Olympics? Yes.
  • What looks like Jimmy Carter, Steve Buscemi, Hillary Clinton, and Gollum all rolled into one? Gnotalex will show you.
  • Okay, that's enough for now. Time to make lunch...


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