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Well this is pretty monstrous...

The enormous cocoon of unnecessary government services that the British people are being enveloped in keeps getting more constraining:

Mr Ternouth's thriller flooded back to me this week when I read of the Government's plan to spend £224million of your money and mine on setting up a database, recording details of the lives of all 12 million children in England and Wales.

Among other things, the Children's Index will record whether a child's parents are providing a 'positive role model', how the child is performing at school — and even whether youngsters are eating the daily five portions of fruit and vegetables recommended by the Government.

Presumably, children will be questioned at school each morning on what their parents fed them the night before.

The database, we are told, will be made available to social workers, teachers and doctors, who will have the power to flag up 'concerns' when they think that children are not meeting the criteria laid down by the state.

I can imagine Ken Dryden endorsing a similarly intrusive registry to 'care' for the nation's children (no, they'll not be yours anymore) should the unthinkable happen and he winds up sitting in the Prime Minister's office.

(via Small Dead Animals)


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