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Nominations needed for Most Annoying Canadian: 2006

Canada ranks third in the world at creating annoying personalities, falling behind only the United States and France. Our country's smugness and self-righteousness are world-renowned, and our isolated and state-sponsored media produces an abundance of vacuous, self-regarding talking heads. Annoying people incubated in Canada have gone on to annoy millions of others around the world. We should be proud of our leadership in this area, but I feel our country is instead at best apathetic, and at worst, ashamed.

Almost two years ago, I launched an online contest to determine who the Most Annoying Canadian was so we could celebrate this aspect of our national makeup. The fact that it got me my best traffic ever, and even had me noticed (in a small way) by the mainstream media has nothing to do with me launching the contest again. The real reason is that being annoying in Canada is incredibly competitive, so new personalities are constantly pushing the old to the sidelines in the battle for leadership. Ben Mulroney and George Stroumboulopoulos were not even nominated last time, but this time around I think they may be major competitors. Also, there was some controversy with the results last time, as a huge last-minute surge pushed Antonia Zerbisias over the top. This time I've got the Carter Center to help validate the voting procedure, so I'm pretty sure it'll be fair.

The first stage of the competition will to nominate the candidates. The cutoff is the end of September. The photos above are a few contenders I've chosen to get people thinking, but I'm sure there are many annoying Canadians I haven't considered. Drop your suggestion in the comments, or just second the nomination if your favourite is already there. Thanks for your interest, and may the Most Annoying Canadian win.


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Definitely Jack layton, Joe Volpe close second.

Charles Adler

You don't have Buzz Hargrove in there? Incredible!!

Rona Ambrose. Being right about Kyoto does not absolve her from being annoying, obnoxious and headache-inducing.

Another vote for Rona Ambrose - for being WRONG about both Kyoto and the Spotted Owls! Seventeen of them left and they're not in danger??? C'mon!

I second Buzz Hargrove!

Buzz definitely needs to be there. He was in the last competition and polled pretty well if I recall correctly.

As to Rona Ambrose, well, I've met her and heard her give a speech (half in French) and never thought of her as annoying. But since then I've heard her being interviewed a couple of times and was astounded at her ability to keep talking and talking and talking without ever actually saying anything. So yeah, she's pretty annoying. There's a spot in the starting gate for her.

And Charles Adler? I can't say I know much about Winnipeg talk radio, but his blog didn't seem too annoying. You'll have to tell me more. If there was a Winnipeg media figure that I expected you to nominate Darcey, it would have been Frances Russell.

I second the Charles Adler nomination. Whenever his bit comes on about "daddy getting the power tool" I follow it up with a big "Chuck, you ARE the power tool!"

Okay. He's in.

I vote for Inneumannca and her spotted owls. Only 17 left? Let's get rid of those and be done with it! lol

OK... serious answer... um, for starters, every member of PETA and the Green Party. Every member of the NDP for sure. For a specific individual I nominate Chuck Swirsky. Non-Raptors fans (yes, I know, that'd be the vast majority of Canadians) won't know the name, but he does the play by play for the Raptors and he's unbearable. Another person I can't stand is Christine McGee, that lady that is always raving away in Sleep Country's radio ads. Most annoying VOICE ever, that's for sure. Not sure if anybody thought to mention Dick Pound, but for a guy who's name can be taken in vain in so, so, so many delightfully different ways, he sure spouts off a lot. Oh, and can't forget that crazy native broad in Winnipeg with the fake Ph.D. Can't remember her name but you all know who I mean.

Anybody who has ever voted Liberal or NDP.

David Suzuki

I vote for Bruce and Rene.

Its a dead even heat between David Suzuki and Ben Mulroney with the "video professor" rip off Jack Layton coming in third

Its a dead even heat between David Suzuki and Ben Mulroney with the "video professor" rip off Jack Layton coming in third

At the risk of being a heartless bastard I would like to nominate Heather Crowe, the deceased waitress who died of lung cancer and supposedly acquired it from working in a smoke-filled bar for the entirety of her life... As if the non-smoking who don't work in bars never ever get lung cancer.

Anyway her commercials haunt us still, and I find them highly annoying.

I'd like to see Jack Layton on the list. He's slowly crawling all over my last nerve. Despite his self-agrandisement, I think he's actually doing more damage to the reputation of the NDP than good of late. I long for the return of a sensible NDP leader. Bring back Ed Broadbent ;)

Ted Simonett (the Canadian Tire guy)

Pierre Maguire needs to be on the list. But, my vote goes to David Suzuki and Maude Barlowe

Pierre Maguire needs to be on the list. But, my vote goes to Buzz Hargrove.

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