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First Day at School

The house is strangely quiet today as Captain Destructo and the Mistress of Chaos are off having their heads filled by someone other than myself, my wife, and the children's edutainment industry. They started their first day at a local Montessori school. I haven't read much on the Montessori method, but I'm impressed by the teachers and the tools in the classroom. There seems to be a focus on non-verbal skills, and building self-reliance, responsibility and concentration. The kids work on what they want, when they want, individually or in groups. It sounds like a recipe for insanity, but it works. We spent an hour in class with them a few days ago so Max and Talia could get used to the place, and they settled in quickly and enthusiastically. They're very ready for this now and I know it's going to be so good for them.

I guess I have to start looking for a job now. And not just pretend to, either...


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Wow man, congrats and sadness all at once. Not sure how you did it, but way to go.

You still remember how to work? Maybe you could open your own "Ayn Rand Daycare" a-la The Simpsons.

There's no sadness, believe me.

I've actually thought of a day care. My sanity is too important, though.

Ha, I'll bet. I can't really imagine doing what you did, especially with twins. I imagine I might not be sad either...

Running a daycare is definitely for masochists.

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