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Wow. This is just... monstrous...

A few years ago I used to be pretty frightened at the thought of my children being politically indoctrinated by the public school system. I even briefly considered home schooling to keep them away from those well-meaning brainwashers. But eventually I accepted that it was something they would have to go through, but they would at least have their parents to give them alternate viewpoints and hopefully keep their feet partially on the ground. And it probably wouldn't be as bad as I thought anyways.

But then there's this: Stephen Lewis Secondary School.

The student body, which will rise to 1,500 when Grades 11 and 12 are added in subsequent years, has been divided into four "villages" named after four Canadian activists: June Callwood, David Suzuki, children's rights crusader Craig Kielburger and Agnes Macphail, the first woman elected to the House of Commons.

The idea, Ms. Wood said, is to instill a passion for social justice and humanitarianism in the students as they form a new school community.

"This is what we're teaching the kids, that we can never give up and that we are agents of change," Ms. Wood said in an interview just before Mr. Lewis arrived.

Perhaps before churning out 'agents of change', Ms Wood should first concentrate on educating her students in how the world actually works. Doesn't seem too likely though...


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