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Giving up the fight

One of the things that astounds me these days is the willingness of so many people to concede defeat and give the moral high ground to Islamist forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean, these guys are the most vile enemies imaginable. They are willing the kill civilians without remorse, and the regimes they would set up were they to be victorious would make Nazi Germany look progressive. And they're weak! They're own leaders admit this. They're completely unable to win an engagement toe-to-toe against the good guys, and have very few safe havens where they can regroup and organize. But their motives are rationalized by the defeatist press, and every unarmed civilian they kill is trumpeted as another milestone on their path to victory. It's madness, as far as I'm concerned.

Mark Steyn is also perplexed by this. I don't think anyone would call him a supporter of the default positions of the MSM, but even he is shocked by the bizarre moral inversion that's happened.

Do you remember the summer of 2001? Shark attacks. Swimming off the Florida coast, a kid called Jessie Arbogast had his arm ripped off. His uncle retrieved the severed limb from the jaws of the predator and killed it. In its editorial on the subject, The New York Times came down on the side of the shark. I thought those days were over. “September 11th was a call to moral seriousness. You cannot compromise with a shark, you cannot negotiate with a suicide bomber,” I wrote. “The next shark to chew up a Florida moppet will get a tougher press, even from The New York Times.”

I must have been drunk. The Times is back to siding with the sharks. Every other week, it leaks details of the government’s new shark-tracking program or demands full Geneva Convention protection for them. On Labor Day, a terrorist opened fire on a group of western tourists in Amman, killing a British subject. Rana Sabbagh-Gargour, correspondent for The Times of London, also came down on the side of the shark, attributing the attack to “mounting frustration on the streets of the Arab world” over the west’s “perceived bias” on Iraq and Lebanon.

Lebanon? Hey, why not? Reuters laid the August Heathrow bomb plot at the feet of Tony Blair for “refusing to call for an immediate ceasefire” in Lebanon. That’s right, folks. You don’t have to invade anyone, you don’t have to be supporting one side or the other even rhetorically, you don’t have to say a word on the subject. Simply being tardy in issuing a press release demanding a ceasefire is a sufficient “root cause”.

Read the whole thing. Perhaps someone can explain this to me.


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