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Media onslaught continues

I'll be on John Gormley's show on News Talk 650 in Saskatchewan today. I'll be on at just past noon Eastern time, 10:00 Mountain. If I keep doing these shows, maybe one day I'll be good at them.

UPDATE: Yeah, that went really well, I think. And this one was fun too. It's fun to think of some guy driving a pickup across the prairies listening to me.

UPDATE II: I also did an interview with my local weekly paper. Now I'm going to be outed as a blogger and Conservative to my neighbors. I'm a little nervous about that, actually...


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Heard you on the Gormley show today. You did great! I voted this evening and after flip floppping between Layton and Lewis I eventually cast my ballot for Jumpin' Jack.
Looking forward to reading blog on a regular basis.

By-the-way, I was driving across the prairies but not in a pick-up. However, I did see a couple in my
2 1/2 hours on our so-called highways here in Saskatchewan.

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