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Near death experience

It was all very odd. I felt at peace. I felt a depth of comfort and contentment I've never before experienced. It was a warm, relaxing sensation that pulsed through me. There was a delicious bubbling sensation in my brain that made me smile broadly, verging on the precipice of an intense bout of laughter.

All around me was black, except for a bright spot off in the distance. It called to me, inviting me to even greater levels of pleasure -- pleasure I could not imagine! I moved towards it. The anticipation was intoxicating. I was moving faster and faster and the light was getting brighter and brighter! But just as I was about to merge with the light, something happened -- something terrible! It started receding! I stretched out my arms, but it was too late. I was crashing, coming back to reality. My surroundings changed and I experienced a sense of devastating loss. True freedom, pure freedom, was snatched away from me, and I was once again mired in this earthly, hostile place.

This blog is not dead. Unfortunately for me.


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