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Oh, for a real opposition

Annoying Canadian candidate Rona Ambrose has been working with her department to develop a new 'green plan' to address the absolutely catastrophic environmental destruction Canada is experiencing. It's going to be announced in the next couple of weeks, but that's not soon enough for the Liberals:

Environment Minister Rona Ambrose was accused of blatant political posturing — rather than real action — on an urgent international crisis after she refused to tell MPs how or when the Conservatives will follow through on their promises to tackle global warming and clean up the environment.


Angered by the lack of information, opposition MPs said the Tories are undermining the Kyoto Protocol on global warming and stalling on their pledge to replace it with an improved environmental program.

"I'm not sure why you came today. You don't have a plan, no targets, no timeline," said Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez.

Would the opposition make similar claims if the government refused to give details of a budget before it was released? These days, maybe. But Rodriguez obviously has the high ground: he does have a plan:
He noted that Ambrose had opposed his private member's bill that passed second reading in the Commons on Wednesday. It would require Canada to take steps to "meet its obligations" under the Kyoto Protocol.

"Yesterday evening you voted against Kyoto while the Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) was in Toronto watching a hockey game. I guess that was more important to him than voting on the environment," added Rodriguez (Honoré-Mercier).

And what a plan it is! Canada must 'take steps' to 'meet its obligations'. That sounds like a reasonable policy. Next week maybe he can end poverty and cure cancer.

Okay, maybe I shouldn't be so sarcastic. But these guys are not taking this issue seriously. This is a complex issue involving billions of dollars and potential changes to our way of life. That the Liberals can claim the Conservative are 'posturing' on the environment before they've even announced their plan is astounding, considering that the Liberals spent thirteen years in power doing nothing but posturing.

But there are no signs of the opposition parties getting serious anytime soon:

Afterwards, opposition MPs and environmental activists said the Conservatives appeared to be dragging out action on the environment to avoid political repercussions, a strategy they said the Harper government has copied from U.S. President George W. Bush.
[Roll eyes]


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