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Smoke gets in your brain

According to Drudge, Al Gore has claimed that smoking is a 'significant' contributor to global warming. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Umpty-dum people smoke, umm, a bunch of cigarettes every day, and uh, each cigarette releases, umm, a whole bunch of CO2, and uh, you multiply it all together and get... whoa! That's a lot of deadly greenhouse gases!

Problem is, the CO2 being released from those cigarettes was taken out of the atmosphere as the tobacco plants they were made from grew. The net effect on the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is zero.

This reminds me of the press release Greenpeace made accusing a corporation (of course) of creating a 'carbon time bomb' by... planting trees! Because according to Greenpeace logic, those trees would eventually rot or burn, releasing their poisons to roast us all.

Is it scientific ignorance or an eagerness to exaggerate that creates these stories? I imagine it's a combination of both.


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