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Getting funky

What the hell has happened to this blog? My readers want to know. Just yesterday I received this comment on a post from someone named 5homebusiness:

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No, thank you 5homebusiness! I will definitely be adding to your cat! Your kind words are appreciated.

That's what I like the best about the interweb. That feeling of community! Each day I receive dozens and dozens of personal emails offering to titilate me, make me more virile (as if that were possible!), or make me rich. But despite all these helpful friends, I've fallen into a bit of a funk lately. I've found it very difficult to scratch together enough will to write anything, and even when I've started I find it too easy to say, "who cares?" and walk away from it without finishing.

This funk's genesis is threefold. First, I'm getting a little frustrated in my job search. You might think an electrical engineer in 'hi-tech' Ottawa would have little difficulty getting employment, but you'd be wrong. I've applied to umpteen dozen positions that I would be suitable for, but have had no luck getting even an interview. After sending out so many CVs and cover letters and getting no response, you start to question your value as a person. It would be nice if the HR departments of these companies could send out a note when the position was filled, thanking you for your effort. It would be a message that they respect you and treat you seriously. But of course they don't. One HR person I talked to (after I called to ask what was going on) confided that they had a person in mind before the position was even offered. The job posting was just a phoney corporate ritual. He couldn't understand why I was offended by this information.

The second reason is children's daily attendence at school, starting last September. Although I certainly complained about having to look after them -- and they are a major handful -- they gave a purpose to my day, and to my life. That's what I did: I was a stay-at-home dad. Maybe it wasn't exactly what I wanted to be, but it was something -- and now it's gone. They're still keeping me very busy, but our collective cultural superego is telling me that as a educated male, I should be working at an office and bringing home a paycheck. My wife is telling me this too.

Third, the weather has just sucked around here lately. I'm not much of an outdoors person, but by my reckoning we've had almost no sun in two months. Ghod, it's been grim. It's been a grey and damp autumn and I don't know how much longer of this I can take. But I don't see a tropical vacation for me on the horizon.

So there it is. I know there are many people in worse straits than me, and I have so much to be thankful for. But that doesn't innoculate you from catching a funk. I know this stuff is pretty dull to read about, so I won't be making these whiney pity posts a regular part of the exciting Autonomous Source experience. But I just had to get this out there so I can start my process of de-funkification. This blog will return to its regular state (whatever that is) shortly.


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Go West young man!

We're begging for trades and professions out here. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and even Manitoba need skilled people NOW!!!

My wife is the admin/hr person for an electrical engineering and tech firm in Saskatoon. They are crying for competent (read: breathing) help, and cannot find it. There is a ton of work in the west and nobody to do it. Drop me a line.

Hey brother, getting going is often the toughest part when job searching and you got going. Give it some time. Stay east for now i say.

Well, thanks. I appreciate the offer. But I would need a divorce before that could happen. My wife will not even consider the possibility of moving out west.

Thats ok, mom will whip you. Seriously, i've seen the whip.

But yeah, I can related to your employment issues, the secret? FAXING! In the past I must of sent over 90+ resumes before getting maybe about 15 returns, and about 5 job offers.

As a ratio, thats pretty pathetic. Your not useless, just keep givin' er. Maybe, since your a compy engineer, show off any various projects you've worked on in the past. Dont have any as of late? Make some quickies, and bullshit about their importance.

Haha. Just dont sit on your ass, otherwise, and again, mom, and the whipping.

Unfortunately my wife will not let me leave Quebec. Though I'm a Manitoban by birth, I'm not likely to be going back.

From Manitoba? Whereabouts?

And what does your wife have against the West? My parents moved here from Ontario when I was a little tyke. I'm sure glad they did!

I don't know her occupation, but again, if she wants to work, there are jobs here.

Sure, it IS a little colder. No Ottawa hot air to keep it warm!

To bad. Saskatchewan and Alberta are the places to be in the next 10 years or so. Saskatchewan will be even better once we lose our provincial government. StatsCan shows Saskatoon with a 3.1 unemployment rate, beaten only by Calgary's 2.8. Getting to be you can name your own price. In Saskatoon, we have low housing prices, 2nd lowest PST and income tax in the country, low utility costs, access to amazing recreational areas, the list goes on and on. Should really take a look.

I'm from Winnipeg, and my wife has nothing -- well, not too much -- against the West. We originally met there 20 years ago. But her family is here, and she really likes the practice she's working with (she's a family doctor). She already could make a lot more money just by setting up in Ontario (15 minutes away) but she's happy where she is. Some things are more important than money.

Thanks for the offer though!

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