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Max's 'alien' period

My children are artistic geniuses, as I have documented before. Lately their works have gone from the typical 3-year-old's scribbles to more representative works of art. Talia draws people, as any normal child would, but Max draws... aliens!

Lots of them. All the time. Nothing but. Over and over and over again.

If my life was a horror movie, he might be foreshadowing something...


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Hmm. I did a piece on those a couple of years ago. Maybe he's making a christmas request...

Could always get him one as a "gag gift" -- call it an alien, even. The truth will stay hidden until Grade 9 biology anyway...

I think he'll be getting enough at Christmas already. They already have enough stuffed animals to staff a typical government department.

BTW, I don't know how your first comment was deleted. I got gremlins in Movable Type...

I drew nothing but flying saucers for quite awhile.

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