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Don't follow this link

I can thank Gnotalex for the loss of this morning to idleness. Terrible thing, idleness, always stopping me from being the effective achiever I know I am meant to be.

Anyways, if you do not want your day to me mired in idleness, DO NOT follow this link. I'm warning you!

And if you do follow it, I'll bet you can't get to level 39 like I did...


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This was a game initially created as a map in the game STARCRAFT as 'turret wars', its since spawned a bazillion remakes and its own little cult following.

This little iteration, is based off of Warcraft 3's templates and made for flash, it plays wicked which is more then I can say about alot of the attempts that have come out on the net.

Nice find, I could definately loose alot of time to this game.

Thanks for the history lesson, professor, now let's get to the important stuff.

Can you get to level 39? :)

And more importantly, can you beat it (like I just did)?

stop doing that!

Bah. Level 36 seems to be my own personal glass ceiling.

Yeah, I just beat it this morning, wasnt that ridiculous. These games get 10x more ridiculous in the actual games they came from, the difference? Its not just you playing but up to 11 others on the same map.

Builders compete to see who can survive the longest, or its team co-op vs the onslaught. I've lost many hours to this game.

Hey, on the same note, im EXTREMELY surprized you havent done an article yet on blizzards expansion for World of Warcraft. Honestly im going to loose a friend to that game for at least a year+, and another one of my buddies was 'clean' for almost a year and is now back into the game, loosing his social life to it, literally its bad.

I've never purchased the game, nor will I ever, I would waste way to much time.

Or what about the Nintendo Wii? I think you'd love that thing. Your kids too.

I'm not going to fall back into WoW for another month at least. The expansion is calling me, but I have some stuff to do right now, and it's probably all clogged up with people in the new zones. I can hold out, I know I can.

As to the Wii, I'd love to get one, but the time isn't right. It'll still be really fun to play next year, I'm sure.

I ended up with 260,192 and 4 lives left. But I quit. Too much of a time waster.

Here's one for those artists that you call your children:

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