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Logic problem

There's nothing like a good puzzle to get the old brain juices going. A friend of mine told me a good one the other day, and it took me about five minutes to solve. I've altered it just a little bit:

You are a worker in a successful drug cartel. You are well respected for the excellent work you do at packaging kilo bags of cocaine. They are always perfectly measured. But just as you are about to hand eight new bags to your boss, you realize the flashy piece of bling you bought yesterday has fallen into one of them -- but you can't figure out which one! You have a balance scale at hand; what is fewest numbers of weighings you can do to determine which bag has the surprise inside?
Answer tomorrow.


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OK, I'll bite.

I figure that 3 should do it.

I can't think of any solution better than three weighings. But five minutes to solve that?

Weigh 3 VS 3. if balanced then weigh the two reminaing. If one of the 3 drops then pick two of those and weigh them. If balanced the 3rd is the culprit. If one side drops, it's the culprit. Too easy, bring it on champ.

I didn't answer your question did it. The answer is 2

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