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Your vote is your say, don't throw it away.

Over at Faster Than The World, they're attempting to resolve, for once and for all: what was the best arcade game ever? Fifty games have been nominated for the voting, and it's clear some of them are pretty wonky. (I mean, come on! Tecmo Super Dodge Ball?) But the important games are there.

It's clear that if there is any justice in the universe the winner will be Atari's Gauntlet:

Go my minions, go to FTTW and vote for Gauntlet!

C'mon! I mean it. That means both of you...

UPDATE: You guys are such a disappointment. Space Invaders has been declared the winner. Which makes me think some people thought they were voting for the most influential arcade game of all time or some such thing, rather than the best one. Because certainly no one could be interested in playing Space Invaders any more...


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Finally, someone else recognizes the amazingess of gauntlet.

Sorry dude. My vote goes to Rampage, Afterburner, or Outrun. If they had Xenophobe listed that would be hands-down my number one pick.

Ah, Xenophobe. I remember that one. I've been doing a lot of thinking about all those stoopid games. Maybe I'll write a post about them...

Rampage was good, but I grew up on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 in the arcades.

I never actually played any Guantlet until maybe '95-ish. It reminded me of a rougelike, a game based on txt for early pcs.

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