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Blogging into the wind

The blog sucks. I know. I know! Despite the pointlessness of it, I'm going to give my reasons. Yes, this is another blog post about why I haven't been blogging. There's really only four causes:

1) Captain Destructo and the Mistress of Chaos. Add this term to your list of euphemistic phrases: spirited child. A spirited child is:

more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, and energetic.
In other words, more crazy. In less enlightened times -- when people didn't have to be so careful about 'labeling' a child and hurting his or her self-esteem -- these children were probably considered to be possessed by the devil and were dealt with appropriately. But now the treatment is subtle behavior modification involving gentle praise and rebukes. Frankly, I think an exorcist would be more effective.

We have two 'sprited children', and the infuriating properties of their condition are magnified by this. When in full insanity mode, they lock minds and pay no attention to anything but each other. They shriek, giggle, babble, tell absolutely terrible jokes, and basically try to speed up the entropic process that will lead to the destruction of the universe. It can be a little stressful.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want them any other way. But I could use an off switch. Or at least a mute button.

2) Apathy. I'm having a hard time working up much concern about the problems of the world when I have things closer to home to deal with. Let me try again for old times sake:

Things suck, and people are still stupid.
That'll have to do for awhile.

3) The Editor. Yes he's back again, though in a somewhat different form. I'm looking for a job now (not so much for the money, but as part of a program of stress-reduction) and I worry what some HR person is going to see when they google my name. I'm not worried enough to go and change anything I've already written -- I have no regrets about anything on this blog -- but just thinking of someone misunderstanding what I want to write has made it more difficult to commit any new words to the internet's permanent record.

4) Burn out. I'm burnt out. I need some down time. Yes, I know I'm unemployed, but you don't know my kids...

So the question is, can this blog survive these challenges? It's impossible to say right now. There is some hope that issue one is starting to resolve itself, which would also ease issue two. But until issue three is resolved there will be very little of the sharp political commentary that is this blog's proud heritage. So for now, I have enacted a new editorial policy: no political crap. Cool stuff, self-indulgent observational nonsense, kids stories, and consumer reports will be be the focus around here for the time being.

Issue four will hopefully be ameliorated with some well deserved R&R that is coming up. First, the wife and I will be leaving for New York for four days starting tomorrow. Without CD and TMOC! We'll be staying at the fabulous Royalton near the theatre district. We're probably going to eat at some fine restaurants, go to a few swanky clubs, and catch a show or two, but I'd be just as happy staying in, watching TV and drinking weak American beer. (I hear Zima is da bomb!) The weekend after that I'll be in Toronto attending this wild party, and two weeks later I'll be free for a whole week (!!) as my wife and her mother bravely volunteer to endure seven hours on a plane with my spirited children to take them to Vancouver. I can't wait. I'm going to sleep in 'til... nine o'clock! I'm so excited!

So. Autonomous Source is not dead. Not yet anyways. There are still some feeble vital signs.

This public service message has concluded. We now return you to our regularly scheduled test pattern....


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Surely you jest.

Simply give money to the next telemarketer that calls. This will put you on a 'hot tap' lead list, and your phone will ring more, and more often. The barrage of telephone calls will remind you that blogging is more rewarding than fending off a pack of Hungry Sales Wolves.

Because I like you, I have made a donation (in your name, phone number, and address) to a prominent environmentalist activist group. They are selling your name and phone number to several other caring groups, as we speak.

Expect a call around dinner time.

I care.

You should snap a few pictures too in your downtime, hey when abouts are you having this week(!) off? Maybe ill pop by (I have a week off coming up pretty soon.

Get back to me on that if you can We'd do some serious chillin' as I could definately use it too.

Thanks Fenris. I feel much more plugged in now. Plus I got a great deal on carpet cleaning, and a nice woman has agreed to reorganize my investments for maximum returns. You've changed my life.

My upcoming week off is the 31st of March to the 7th of April. I plan to use the time to conduct a virtual tour of some of the finer distilleries of Scotland.

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