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Will Dion dare pulling the country into an election? I don't think so. This weekend Harper gave Canada a look at the heightened state of readiness of the Conservative party to fight an election. As an act of political intimidation, it was very effective.

I was at the 'Political Training Conference' this weekend in Toronto, and had a great time. There were workshops and lectures on all sorts of topics, and opportunities for campaign volunteers from around the country to rub shoulders with and ask questions of the top ministers of the government. The most interesting part for me was to have the opportunity to chat with other volunteers and hear the problems they were having and some of the interesting solutions they came up with. I was only mildly disappointed that the 'hospitality suites' set up by various ministers all had cash bars. I'm sure they don't do things that way in the Liberal party.

I'd write some more, but my ride is here. Gotta go...


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