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New York's alright...

...If you like saxophones...

I was going to write a great long accounting of all we did in New York, but what's the point? We ate wonderfully, walked and shopped, and found we were far more stylish than those dowdy New York people. Everyone dressed in grey and beige, and Michelle just won't stand for that.

We both also managed to come down with a cold while we were there, but luckily New York is a good town for finding medication.

I do have to point out the highlight of our stay, and that was seeing the musical The Drowsy Chaperone. I'm not at all a fan of musicals, and generally dislike being trapped in my seat watching 'theatre', but it's been a long, long time since I was so well entertained. Anyone going to New York has to see it. Here's the trailer to get you interested:

Strangely, this show has a Canadian genesis. Somehow the creators managed to avoid the tentacles of CanCon subsidies and promotion that drain the spark out of whatever they touch.

UPDATE: I have to link to this video of one of the songs from the show being performed at the Tony's.

Ghod. Me, a Broadway musical fan. I never would have predicted it...


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Lookin' good dude! What the hell kind of drink is that anyhow?

Damned if I remember the name. Moscow something. It's vodka, soda, lime, and lots of ground ginger. Very spicy.

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