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The Liberal's definition of 'taking a stand'

Perhaps buoyed by a rogue poll, the Liberals are threatening to introduce a bill that could spark an election:

The federal Liberals today announced that they're putting forward a motion demanding the withdrawal of Canada's 2,500 troops from Kandahar by February, 2009.

The motion will be debated tomorrow and voted on next Tuesday. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has staked much of his own political fortunes on the mission, could declare it a confidence motion - meaning a possible election if the NDP and Bloc Quebecois join together to support the Liberals.

"We want to send a clear message that by February, 2009, we will pull out our Canadian Forces," said Liberal MP Denis Coderre (Bourassa), who is proposing the motion.

"It is a very important issue for Canada . . . the time has come to take a stand," Coderre told reporters after a Liberal caucus meeting this morning.

How do you 'take a stand' when you're promising to run away?

It's clear Harper will make this a confidence motion -- you can't let the opposition parties dictate foreign policy. The Liberals are short a few marbles if they think this is a good issue take the government down. War is never popular, but I think they underestimate the support Canadian's have for the mission in Afghanistan. Besides, the Liberals aren't even coming out against the war. (It would be a little hard to, since there's was the party that sent the troops there in there first place.) They're just taking the position that Canada has 'done it's share'. Pathetic.

Liberal thinking may be that this is a good issue to run on, because (according to conventional wisdom) Quebecers are very anti-war. Therefore, the Liberals can hope to do well in Quebec and take advantage to the declining fortunes of the Bloc. Then, if they can hold on to what they have in Ontario, they might be able to win a minority. It's an interesting thought, but I think the Liberal support some of these polls are showing is pretty soft. The party seems disorganized and erratic (to which bringing the government down will do little to change). Competence and stability are something Canadians want right now -- there's been enough pointless bickering. The Liberals could be sailing into Kim Campbell country.

And they deserve it. Taking advantage of a tragic week for the Canadian Forces to force yet another election on the Canadian people, and giving hope to our enemies, these are the actions of a party that should be kept far away from the levers of power.


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