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Abandon hope, ye who follow this link...

Over at the Blog Quebecois, gnotalex has revealed what he really thinks of me. I'm crushed of course, but I will not stoop to his level. It takes two to feud, and I refuse to get into a war of words with a pathetic, worthless hack like him.

It's obvious that he's jealous of my immense talent at bringing the finest in stoopid, time-wasting flash games to the Canadian blogosphere, when all he can do is find boring, second-rate games. That may be okay for his boring, second-rate blog, but we have higher standards here at Autonomous Source.

Only here will you find links to quality games like this one, Desktop Tower Defense.

It's like many of the other tower defense games, except that your placement of the towers creates the maze the creeps run through. It opens a whole new world of strategic options. Playing on medium skill level allows you to record your scores. As an additional bonus to the readers of this blog, I have created a 'group name' -- autonomous -- that you can record and compare your finished score with others. Just part of the service you can expect here at Autonomous Source.


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place 803732...... Made it to level 42 before getting my butt supremely kicked.

place 803732...... Made it to level 42 before getting my butt supremely kicked.

Bruce, Darcey needs you and your shirt.

Hey, sounds great. Guess I know who the surprise guest is now. I'll try to make it.

That would be terrific. The Mayor specifically said we needed somebody to escort us through Mitchieville's Gay District and keep everyone in line at five in the morning.

Just kidding, it would be great to see you again there.


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