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Dazzle ships

During World War I, submarines became a threat to all naval vessels. Camouflaging ships was ineffective, so a different approach was tried. The ships were painted in bright colours with strange geometric patterns. The idea was that this would make it more difficult for the submarine to determine the heading of their prey from a distance -- and it worked!

This strange artform died out after the war, and was not meaningfully brought back during WWII because of the advances in submarine instrumentation and the fact that it made the ships sitting ducks from the air. Thousands of vessels were painted in this manner, but unfortunately, few at the time thought to keep a record of the designs. There are no known colour pictures and very little documentation.

More can be found here and here, if you're interested.


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Need to know where you got the dazzle ship photo.

Would also like you to render me a permission to use it in a scholary intoduction paper that is non-comercial (no money) for the Military Operations Research Society.

Please ping me back soonest.


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