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Go Senators! Achieve victory!

While walking in downtown Ottawa on Saturday, I observed an odd ritual being performed by young men dressed in red sweaters. One party would spot another party and shout, "WOO HOO!" The other party would also shout back, "WOO HOO!" and then would approach. Then the two groups engaged in patterns of hand-slapping, accompanied by gutteral noises to indicate their ferocity. Then -- after a last, shared, "WOO HOO!" -- they would separate and continue on their separate ways. I found it quite perplexing.

Using my blogger's instincts, I sensed there was a story to this behavior. After researching, I discovered that a local ice hockey team was engaged in a tournament to win a trophy of some sort. The macho posturing was performed by fans of the team in order to... well, I'm still not really sure why.

Apparently, victory in this tournament is deeply desired by many people in my community. With that in mind, we here at Autonomous Source say:

Go Sens. Go!

UPDATE: Dang. Well, they're not dead yet...


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