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The Wire

The Sopranos wraps up tonight, and everywhere critics are writing erudite exegeses on the meaning and importance of the show. Check out Peggy Noonan for a preview of the types of pieces to be found in every newpaper in the world tomorrow. Personally, I lost interest in the show around season five. The stories were interesting in showing how organized crime worked in the modern world, but it was such a nihilistic show. Most of the characters left me cold.

The Wire, another HBO show, is a different story. My wife and I just finished watching the first three seasons, and I have to say that it's one of the best shows ever made. Like the Sopranos, it takes the viewers to places they're lucky enough not to know anything about -- in this case, the 'war on drugs' in Baltimore. It weaves a complex story that stretches from the street dealers to the kingpins, and from the frontline cops to the politicians. It explores the cultures of these groups, but also tells a suspenseful story filled with unique characters.

Pick up these DVDs. You won't regret it.

It also has better opening credits than the Sopranos. This is season three:

See also season one, season two, and season four.


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Couldn't agree more. The writing on the Wire is the top of television.

In other genres, see also: the British "The Office" and Gervais' next deal "Extras". We just started "Long Way Round" with Ewan Macgregor and it is fantastic so far.

Hey! You're back. Glad to hear from you.

Somehow my wife and I couldn't get into The Office. It seemed a bit forced, and we both hate those shows that make you squirm. Long Way Around sounds interesting though, despite it not being something I would normally be interested in. Might have to take a look.

But right now we're watching Rome -- which is great -- and have the first two seasons of Deadwood on deck. At the pace we watch TV, we're set at least until September.

We've enjoyed the Deadwoods we've seen but haven't bought it yet. Again, stellar writing.

"The Office" will indeed make you squirm. But you should see the episode where Gervais pulls out his guitar and sings - incredible! The American "Office" is great but seeing Gervais in the original was even better.

"Long Way Round" has been a big surprise for me. I was skeptical, and it kicked my ass.

Also, if you like Dave Chappelle, "Dave Chappelle's Block Party" is an exceptionally entertaining "concert doc" film.

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