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Black snagged on a few charges

He didn't quite wriggle free:

Conrad Black has been found guilty on 4 charges, including obstruction and three counts of mail fraud, and not guilty on the other 9 charges.
The complete list of charges and the verdicts can be found here. It seems he was nailed for the non-compete contracts and the famous removal of the boxes from his office.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed -- in Black that is, not the verdicts. I like Black and I like the way he infuriates the clever people. I hoped the charges were false -- but I'm not very surprised they aren't. Too often powerful CEOs are unable to see where their interests and the company's diverge. They use the company's power to make decisions that benefit themselves first.

Now, how many years do you think he will get? I'm guessing ten and out in three, with a big fine. But what do I know?


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I'm guessing he'll get 15...out in 6.

Fishy verdict though.

I'm hoping Harper calls in a marker (if he has one) with President Bush and either a) gets a pardon for Black; b) arranges for Lord Black to serve his time in Canada. Yes I know he gave up his citizenship, blah, blah. Go read Coyne today if you want to know how I feel.

This case was about greedy people ripping other greedy people off. They all deserve each other. One last point, Lord Black wouldn't survive in general population, it would be cruel to put him there.

Hmmm, I wonder if Mitchieville has a correctional facility?

Free Conrad Black!

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