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Some backstory to the Chilean brawl

When I read the complaints of the Chilean U-20 soccer team on what happened Thursday night, I had a tiny, but hard-to-shake sense that something was not quite right about it. What could it be?

Chilean players said they were going to greet a throng of supporters and sign autographs near their bus when they were "attacked" by police officers for no apparent reason.

Midfielder Mauricio Isla said several of his teammates suffered head, back and knee injuries after being Tasered and hit with batons; at least one player sought hospital attention. Defender Arturo Vidal said his teammates had to smash the windows of their bus because pepper spray had wafted inside and they could not breathe.

Something seemed to be wrong with this account as well, but I just couldn't put my finger on it:
"They hit me with an electrical current and I fainted," player Isaias Perralta told Chilean media. "When I regained consciousness, I saw 10 police officers were hitting me and throwing acid in my face."
Through official channels, the Police are claiming they acted 'appropriately' but are not giving any more details. Luckily we still have informal channels. The Mayor of Mitchieville managed to get the other side of the story from one of the cops that was there:
Meanwhile, the Chilean *Fans* were egging on the Chilean players to find the ref(s) and beat the hell out of them. Most of the Chilean players were now on the bus, but about 4-5 of them decided to show off in front of their fans (that were barricaded about 100 metres from the cops and the players). The Chileans, being typical macho Spanish rejects, decide to taunt the FEMALE security guards by spitting on them and calling them nice words such as cuntas and various other pleasantries.

One thing led to another and the tough Chilean players took it up a level and pushed one of the female security guards--not a cop, a security guard. The Toronto cops that were there, serving and protecting, did just that. They grabbed the player that pushed the guard and subdued him. The rest of the players jumped in, and the players on the bus that were watching the whole thing--and egging on the other players, like the heroes that they are--jumped off the bus and went for the FEW cops and security guards which were assembled.

Reinforcements were called in and the Toronto cops wiped the pavement with the Chilean cowards.

Hmm. Now that seems a little more plausible...


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