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The Hugo Cup

The FIFA Under-20 World Cup is taking place in Canada right now, but in South America right now the Copa America is the big thing, and is taking place in Venezuela. The motto for the tournament is 'La Copa ahora es de todos!', or 'The Cup is now for all!' -- a splendid little jewel of socialist doublespeak. Of course it is not for all, as this report from the Guardian hints at:

The ticketing chaos continued as thousands of fans queued in vain in Merida, where hosts Venezuela play Uruguay on Tuesday.

Some said they had paid in advance for their tickets but had not received them.

A Reuters reporter saw touts freely selling black market tickets at up to twice their face value.

Fans accused the government of President Hugo Chavez of buying-up tickets and filling stadiums with their supporters to avert possible protests and anti-government chanting during games.

The government has denied the allegations.

And that's the last of it you'll find in the media. But a little digging easily finds the truth. Daniel in Venezuela has a copy of a poster that promises free tickets to those
"who contribute [...] to construction of the fundamental base of XXI Century Socialism promoted by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias"
Which kind of explains images like this...


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