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Both sides happy. 'It's deplorable!'

Most sensible people would rather have a root canal than go to a Celine Dion concert. So if a sensible person found themselves in the possession of free tickets, they -- being sensible -- would do well to sell them to some of those strange, non-sensible people that enjoy suffering. But apparently this is some kind of moral faux pas:

Dion performed at the Bell Centre for patients, volunteers and staff of Ste. Justine Hospital. Tickets were free for about 1,000 patients and their families, 4,500 staff and 500 doctors, Ste. Justine spokeswoman Chantal Huot said.

But just days before the show, some tickets were being offered for as much as $200 a pair on popular online classified websites.

"I really think that's just deplorable," Huot said. "Some employees saw the ads and got in touch with management. They thought it was horrible."

What's the problem? Some people seeking to preserve their sanity freely traded the tickets to others who had obviously lost theirs. If the tickets were intended as a 'reward' to the hospital staff, well, what could be more rewarding than a bit of money?

Perhaps the outrage is directed at the ticket sellers for taking cruel advantage of those poor addled souls that actually want to be trapped in a room with Celine Dion. Yes, that must be it; nothing else makes sense.


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