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Stuff & Things XXIV

  • I haven't done one of these S&Ts for over a year. Today seems like a good day to renew this once popular Autonomous Source feature as I've found a bunch of interesting things to read lately and haven't the time to comment on them all in detail. This interweb thing is great!
  • To me, an individual's first responsibility is to look after himself. Too bad then that in Canada we have to trust our health care needs to the government. Lately, the Tories seem to be fishing about for visionary project they can put their stamp on. Might I suggest freeing the provinces to experiment in new methods of delivering health care? Rebecca Walberg of the Calgary herald has a detailed and concise article on the need for more private involvement. Guys, take note. And this American take on the Canadian system from City Journal is also worth a read.
  • The Daily Express has a great piece on the steady flow of young, educated Britons emigrating to the rest of the Commonwealth. The article sort of dances around what the reasons are, but the comments on the article sure don't. I've met quite a few recent immigrants from the UK in the past few years and they are all in awe of how wonderful life is in Canada. This won't stop me from continuing to complain about things, however...
  • On a somewhat related note, Theodore Dalrymple gave a speech in Halifax this year on the topic of cultural confidence, and the text is available online. He touches on something that I've been musing about a bit lately: When and why did Western Civilization stop believing in itself? For Dalrymple, he ends the speech on a fairly positive note. (via Daimnation, by way of Blazing Cat Fur collected from Opinions Canada.)
  • Unfortunately, it looks like South Africa is following Zimbabwe's lead in destroying their country. Are they fifteen years behind them? Ten?
  • Do you love Opera? Me neither, but I found this article on the modern trend of 'updating' operas to make them 'more relevant'. You know, by having the characters masturbate on stage, take drugs, torture, rape, murder or make trite jokes about Bush. It's a pretty long piece, but well researched and well written.
  • Is that all we got? Is that a wrap? Hmm, seemed like there was more. Okay then, 'til next time...


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