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The Carnival Of The Politically Correct

The Mayor of Mitchieville has managed to corral enough bloggers to declare the Carnival Of The Politically Correct. Representative of the submissions, Steve B lays down the current state of the world before getting around to listing the simple solutions to fix it:

Now, we all know that in this world, there are just two kinds of people: 1) Those who value the environment, those who understand the danger of global warming and capitalist over-consumption, who understand the felt-needs of the downtrodden and disenfranchised, and are willing to provide whatever entitlements and social programs are necessary, regardless of the drain on the economy, and then of course there are: 2) Earth despoiling christo-fascist hate mongers who wait for a Rapture so that they can escape a raped and despoiled Gaia, leaving the rest of you losers here to burn.
Unfortunately, I was unable to contribute as an unfortunate accident has left me with the tragic inability to speak in politically correct cant. I admire those who do though. Fenris, you're a treasure to the world and your tear-drenched keyboard should be enshrined in a museum after you're composted. (Hey! Maybe I'm cured!)


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