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There's no place like home

The plan was to leave Fredericton and just go as far as Quebec City on the first day, but the lure of getting home encouraged me to continue and we made it home in just one day. It took exactly thirteen hours -- including three hour long stops -- to make it. I drove the whole way, and was probably passed only a half dozen times by other cars. We were also blessed by the fastest passage through Montreal ever.

We couldn't have made it had Captain Destructo and the Mistress of Chaos not remained in their mild-mannered secret identities for most of the ride. They were terrific. I was surprised.

It was nice not to worry about the blog for a couple of weeks, but now I'm itching to get back at it. I'll slap some photos up soon, and then will get back to my role as Canada's most beloved blogger. But give me a day to unpack, mow the lawn, shop, go through the mail, and find the one cat that is still missing.


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Glad everybody got back in one piece, and presumably had lots of fun. Good luck finding the cat. =)

je suis tombée sur ton ancien blog par hasard, pour me rendre compte que tu habites à Chelsea! Le monde est petit, je suis à Aylmer

tes bébés sont rendus grands!


This is one of several family travel stories I've heard recently. The common element is the slow outard bound trip and the screaming fast and long trip home. We used to travel from Saskatoon to Muskoka every summer, two adults and children. We would take four days to get there. Homeward bound, it was a day to Duluth MN (16 hours) and then another day to Saskatoon (another 16 hours)! We benefited from the time zone changes, but that is just a mental thing. Bottom line: we wanted to get home! Now!!

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