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Dimming the lights

This blog will get even quieter for the next little while as my new and improved priorities take up the majority of my time. I need to focus, so I'm ditching my distractions -- and this is a big one.

I hope to come back in a week or two (or three) with some interesting news, but until then Autonomous Source will be silent. I know it's traumatic for some of you, but I have no choice, sorry.


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These things can sure suck up time - good luck on your main distraction ;-)

Is this about the dream job at Wal-Mart you told us all about?

Dreams can become reality, you know. Or maybe they can't. We'll see.

An old friend mentioned the other day that most of us are going to have second and third careers these days, and she wondered what I'd like my next career to be. I replied that I'd always wanted to try out "lottery winner."

But "kept man" was a close second on the list. And you're just throwing it all away...

In all seriousness, it sounded very appealing to me as well. But the last year has been difficult and I've been very restless.

I don't want to go back to the cube farm either, so I'm working on fleshing out a business idea of mine. But it'll be a little while until I can tell if it will work.

I gave up telemarketing for a union trades position. Sure, the money, benefits, and perks are better, but nobody calls me evil anymore. Except people when I give them a bill. Anyway, I care.

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